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Back in sickbay, Crusher continues her tests on La Forge, who is still lying on the main bio-bed. Why would his mother not notice her son sweating buckets after she knew about Geordi's and Tasha's condition? I was fifteen before I escaped. Carly mckinney naked. In one of the Enterprise 's corridors, Tasha Yar moves in a very seductive way.

Major Nerys should have made your list. It might be this combination of beauty and character growth that made her a truly memorable addition to the show. Star trek stars naked. Roger Korby, he is instead attacked by his androids and captured in an attempt to replace him with a duplicate.

Ad Free Browsing Over 10, Videos! Both men and women wore some of the most provocative costumes in franchise history, as the Edo all wore small, strapped pants and shirts. Have to agree with the previous commenter that it's a miracle the series survived these early episodes which are just total camp. Oh yeah, those Klingon sisters from TNG had cracking norks. The time warp effect is still a mass cluster of stars pulled into the center of the screen as other closer stars pass by at high speed.

Tasha's scene with Geordi is one of the worst written, acted and directed in the entire series and absolutely hilarious. McCoy, Tormolen begins to exhibit mental health issues, prompting Mr. Sex doll with huge tits. Oh dear, you forgot Ensign Graham! I am Seven of Nine.

We have seen plenty of Starfleet at war in Deep Space Nine and seasons 3 and 4 of Enterprise as well as occasional episodes of the other series. No improvements in the external shots of the ship.

With her, resistance would certainly be very futile! I never was clear--Spock apparently never got the cure, so how did he become magically rational again? When the Enterprise has to cold start the engines they should have done an exterior shot of the Enterprise with a subtle warp effect going on outside the ship. The dialogue in this episode is excellent. Wish he was in TOS more. User Comments Post a comment Comment: This was a TOS show made in the '80s, that's all.

Picard especially and Crusher are pretty funny too when under the influence. Some of it worked decently Tasha has a troubled past and has adopted a tough-girl exterior while secretly longing to be feminine and cared for. In fact, the way Michael Burnham is treated compared to everybody else is still what I hate most about Star Trek Discovery.

We certainly agree Kirk. That outfit was yum. I agree though, forgetting Chase Masterson, aka Leeta is quite an oversight and, of course to my taste, ex Batgirl would be moved up the list quite a lot.

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I also loved this being a carefree Wes, drunk, happy and naughty. Hollywood nude videos. She notes that he called her to the bridge. Hide my e-mail on my post. Just an honourable mention?

The Dank Knight Strikes Again: She tells him that the formula didn't work, and that the water-carbon complex had possibly mutated.

Crusher get a little too close for comfort. The rattlesnake sound the disease makes as it infects each new person is also a particularly inspired and iconic bit of Trek storytelling gimmickry. She tells him that he can't leave, but Riker insists on leaving to assist in reactivating the command computers.

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How this show survived almost two seasons of this is a testament to the stoic nature of star trek fans. Sure it's oft-campy to the point of being almost absurdly so, but as Jammer said, at least it's not boring. On the bridge, Picard is speaking to Wesley on the viewscreen.

I liked Uhura's response to Sulu's "I'll save you, fair maiden": Stamets, however, insists that he will do just one more jump to the starbase. She beckons him closer and gives the officer a huge kiss. Ncis pauley perrette nude. Star trek stars naked. Holy green paint job! McCoy's acting is good too as he shows bewilderment at Tormolen's death and the frustration of dealing with intoxicated assistants. The subjectivity of these sorts of lists is always annoying.

Hide my e-mail on my post. Indeed, what did Dr Soong intend when deciding to make Data anatomically correct and "fully functional"? Lorca does a pretty good job of looking surprised at this turn of events, even though it appears as if he deliberately sabotaged the final jump in order to avoid being relieved of his command, as Admiral Cornwell had threatened before she was captured.

Being intoxicated, he asks Wesley how he created the field. Deanna Troi was always my personal fav. Wife big cock massage. So you beam down to a planet in a hazmat suit, but then take off your glove and scratch your face? He is a bright kid who for some reason through most of season 1 is surrounded by professional adults who act very stupidly: Considering the film also dealt with the Enterprise fighting Khan, the inclusion should have made sense.

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